A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

A Single needle

Magic challenges the assumptions we have about what is or isn’t possible. Shock magic is particularly interesting in this regard because it affects a unique range of emotions, bridging the gap between magic and the impossible feat. Unlike card tricks or coin tricks, the needle swallow is something that seems - somehow real.

A Single Needle is my take on the classic needle swallowing effect. What makes this version unique is a completely new method which allows the volunteer to hold the string as the needle is retrieved.

A needle is examined then swallowed. A spectator then holds a length of string and fishes the needle from the performer’s stomach. The needle is retrieved and found to be impossibly tied to the end of the string, which may be kept as a souvenir.

Simple, clear, and insane - distilled down to its very essence.

"Wow! Like Wayne's coin in can, this is sure to be a modern classic. It is absolutely sensational and completely fooled me. I've always wanted to perform this style effect but find it so scary. But maybe, just maybe I will try this. Wayne is a brilliant thinker and I'm proud to call him a friend. Bravo."

- Andy Nyman

Wonder awaits.