"Superstar magician Wayne Houchin's work as a performance artist and daredevil has made him one of the most exciting entertainers in the world."

- Bahrain

WAYNE HOUCHIN is an American artist, magician, and TV host. He has traveled the world, exploring magic and mystery in more than 30 countries. A renowned magic inventor, he has designed and published a number of popular magic effects, headlined the world famous Magic Castle, and has been featured on covers of national and international trade magazines. In 2015, Houchin was a guest speaker on magic and science at Oxford University. His TV series Breaking Magic: The Magic of Science aired on Discovery and was watched by more than 100 million people worldwide.

- On his Discovery series, Wayne was struck by 750,000 volts of electricity, bungee jumped with a cord that had been cut in half, survived an underwater escape, made water flow backwards, and more. 100 million people watched.

- Houchin made history in the Dominican Republic when he stopped time on live national television. Lights in the studio blew, people in the audience and around the country experienced their watches and clocks stopping, breaking, and even turning in reverse.

- He made headlines at age 16 by escaping a straitjacket while hanging upside down, over a crowded intersection. Houchin later staged a series of dual suspended straitjacket escapes along with his wife, Frania. The stunts were executed in the Dominican Republic, Australia, and South Africa.

- He helped start Theory11 - a popular website devoted to advancing and sharing the art of magic.

- He was a guest speaker on science and illusion at Trinity College's Science Gallery exhibit Illusion - curated by Richard Wiseman.

- He made headlines by predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl and by driving blindfolded down a busy highway.

- He has volunteered to teach and mentor kids at Sorcerers Safari in Canada and was a guest teacher at The College of Magic in South Africa.

- Magicians around the world - including David Blaine, Criss Angel, Dynamo, and Cyril - perform magic created by Houchin.

- Wayne lives in northern California with his wife, Frania.