WAYNE HOUCHIN is an American artist and magician. His work has been featured on television, in newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and in theaters around the world.

Houchin's career began when he escaped from a straitjacket while hanging upside down 50 feet above a crowded intersection - he was 16 years old. The stunt made headlines, publicity that Wayne used to sell out his first public theater run at the Blue Room Theater - a small 100 seat room in Northern California.

Houchin's interest in the experience of wonder has taken him around the world - exploring magic and mystery in more than 30 countries. His work has continued to make international headlines: he stopped time on live TV in the Dominican Republic, predicted the exact outcome of the Super Bowl, bungee jumped with a cord that had been cut, played with lighting, appeared on NBC's Today Show, and more.

His original magic has been celebrated by other magicians - resulting in international performance and speaking opportunities, including guest appearances at Sorcerer's Safari in Canada, the College of Magic in South Africa, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, The Magic Bar in Stockholm, Le Double Fond in Paris, and the Magic Circle in London. He also helped start the popular magic website Theory11.

In 2015, Houchin was invited to perform and speak at Oxford University. His TV series Breaking Magic / The Magic of Science aired on Discovery and was watched by more than 100 million people worldwide.

For inquiries please email: info@waynehouchin.com