French Kiss by Wayne Houchin


A unique, playful, and impossible transposition of two signed playing cards, or autographed pieces of paper.

Since publishing and sharing the original version, French Kiss has become one of the most popular effects in card magic, being performed by magicians all over the world including performances on national and international television shows.

Your spectator is asked to select and sign a card (or piece of paper). Their signed card is folded and held securely between their lips. You select a card as well, sign it, and place it in your mouth. Somehow, impossibly - the cards switch places. Your signed card ends up in their mouth. Their signed card ends up in your mouth. It’s been called the most intimate effect in magic. You step into your spectator's comfort zone and do the impossible.

Refined and perfected over thousands of live performances. In addition to the basic effect, learn innovative variations including an all-new notepad Routine. This DVD was brilliantly produced by Theory11 and features 30 minutes of instruction + multiple live performances, including additional voice-overs highlighting key moments of each presentation. Fun, playful, easy, strong. 

Wonder awaits.