Remix by Wayne Houchin


A beautiful 55 page booklet featuring 5 powerful effects + 78 photographs.

The Transposition of a Torn Bill
The performer silently walks from one side of the theater to the other. As he does, a bill held by one member of the audience impossibly changes places with a torn bill held by a second member of the audience.

Unshuffling R.
A remixed version of Paul Harris's Unshuffling Rebecca. The performer demonstrates a fundamental cheating technique: creating order from chaos. He mixes the cards face-up into face-down. What a mess. However, with just a push, the cards visually turn so they all face the same direction, except for the Ace and Jack of Spades - a perfect Blackjack.

The performer invites a volunteer on stage, gives him a helium balloon, and asks him to hold his breath. Eerily, the balloon begins to lose buoyancy. As the seconds pass, it sinks lower and lower until the volunteer finally breathes, at which point it rises back up to its full height. The balloon is then given away as a souvenir.

Drawing to Impossible Location
Several audience members are invited to create an abstract drawing on a small piece of paper. The drawing is then openly burned only to reappear inside the performer's pocket. Once again, the drawing is destroyed, this time it reappears inside a sealed envelope being held by a member of the audience.

The Invisible Palm
The performer demonstrates an incredible technique: the Invisible Palm. Several playing cards are openly squeezed into the performer's hand, where they somehow become completely invisible. With another squeeze, the cards pop back into existence for all to see.

Here are a couple of reviews that have been posted about my lecture. In each review, the reviewer briefly mentions the REMIX. Review ONE and Review TWO.

Wonder awaits.