Stigmata by Wayne Houchin


From the archive! Hard to believe that this is just over 10 years old. This is the first full length DVD that I produced - I can't even begin to express how much fun we had making this. Stigmata was an international hit when released by Ellusionist in 2006. This powerful effect is impromptu and easy to do. 

Here's the official ad copy from E:

From Ellusionist and Wayne Houchin (creator of Sinful, the signed coin through soda can) comes Stigmata. The spectator thinks of anything. A name. A number. A memory. With the thought in mind, the spectator squeezes your wrist. Tightly. When the spectator releases, red marks appear on your arm where they were squeezing. These marks under the skin then slowly, visually, clearly re-arrange themselves into the shape of the spectator's secret thought. Seeing is believing.

This unparalleled DVD features in-depth, precise instruction on multiple applications of this ingenious technique. Armed with this knowledge, you will have the power to unleash an effect on your spectators that some of the brightest minds in magic have regarded as a gold-certified gem.

Wonder awaits.